Want to know what we can do for your company or business?

  • Facebook advertising, through Facebook Ads
  • Twitter advertising, through Twitter Ads
  • Linkedin Advertising, through Linkedin Ads
  • Ads in the Bing Search Engine, through Bing Ads, very similar to Google AdWords
  • Display advertising on premium media, through Pan MyAds
  • SEO ranking, highly recommended if your portal has at least 3 pages of relevant content
  • Google Plus Local/Google Places/Google MyBusiness if your business has a local character and physical address
  • Google Shopping, for online shops
  • Display campaigns, remarketing, interests and themes, with text ads and banners on the Google AdSense network
  • Online market research, before launching a major investment
  • Email marketing, one of the most powerful online recruitment tools
  • Web analytics using Google Analytics, fundamental to measure and improve results and know the behavior of users on your website, whether it is small or large.

Idento, as a professional Online Marketing Agency, can help you.

In 2018 we manage an online marketing budget of close to 4 million euros. Helping to generate incomes for numerous small, medium and large customers who have trusted us. Our team is made of both strategic online marketing specialists and account managers (all certified), programmers and designers.

In this way we can offer you complete support from the start, creating and optimizing your website, designing specific landing pages and even giving you a professional web hosting service, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you have an online business idea and you don’t know how to start or want to have a very good presence on the Internet, in short, you want to attract customers and sell on the Internet, we will be happy to help you, by phone and in our office. Without any counterpart, we will advise you on the different alternatives available and their chances to become successful.

We have been officially certified by Google AdWords to carry out all kinds of campaigns on this platform, but we also design campaigns in social media and other platforms, working with different strategies to advertise on the Internet.

Web Design

Expert professionals in design and programming IDENTO has a team of expert designers and programmers to offer you creative web design projects, focused on UX (User eXperience) and aimed at achieving your goals on the Internet by adding additional value to your business and making it more profitable. We bring your business closer to current and potential customers of your products and services in the online environment making it more attractive, facilitating accessibility and continuously improving results.